ED2E Technologies Ltd., a solution provider, is a subsidiary of the Edmark Group of Companies which embarks on a technology that brings together business communities and consumers in a single platform that provides endless connections with endless rewards. We are extremely committed to create a rewards system to forge a long term liaison with you.



Every company has its own story, each with a history filled with experiences that helped shape its success and future. A lot of us see only the tip of the iceberg. But today, a remarkable piece of history will be revealed.

Edmark has a long yet colorful history, from its humble beginnings with the Rolling Ruler and Super Slicer all the way to its expansion to different industries like food manufacturing, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and even real estate.

The company had a seemingly bright future until the global economy faced an oil crisis and currency depreciation in 2016. Due to these challenges, there was a drastic increase of the price for raw materials which ultimately caused the price increase of the Edmark products.

Distributors from around the world were affected by the sudden product price change which led to a major strike in some countries and regions of Africa such as Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Benin Republic. Sales and recruitment likewise plummeted.

In the wake of these events, Chairman and Founder Mr. Sam Low began seeking for innovative ideas to rebuild the MLM business and came up with the new vision, “To be the most sought-after value added MLM membership”. He travelled extensively to China and all around Malaysia from October to December 2016– searching, reading, and looking for ideas online. With this, the internet became his number one tool where he saw immense potential of WeChat, AliPay and other online payment platforms as a way of connecting the MLM business to a wider range of market. With all these innovative ideas in mind, he then introduced the reward system in endless connection, hence the ED2E slogan “Endless Connections, Endless Rewards” was born. He immediately consulted and sign software purchase agreement with two of the largest MLM and App developer in Malaysia and materialized this vision.


We are fully committed to help people succeed.


To be the most effective and efficient way to boost the economy.

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